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    King AyiHis Majesty King F.A. Ayi was born in Africa, the nation that is now the republic of Togo, into one of the ancient royal families of West Africa. He had his primary and secondary school and brief passage of military academy for officers. While preparing to go to Saint Sir military school in France, he went to seminary in Togo. In 1987, he was send by his family to U.S.A. for his safety and to continue his education.
    1989 - Prince Ayi studied Social Science at the University of Virginia and studied Christian based constitution at the Provident Foundation Institute of Virginia, as well as the law of Biblical principles of governing. He received his Doctorate of Divinity Degree in Theology in Alabama; and became a professor at National Bible Institute (now Washington Bible College) in Maryland.
    1990 - Prince Ayi helped draft a proposed new constitution for Togo while still in school studying Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Criminal Justice and Public Affairs in American Universities in Washington D.C.
    1991 - Prince Ayi was a student at Michigan State as an Associate Professor in the Social Science Dept. working with Dr. Leon Watson.
    1992 - Prince Ayi was appointed as the Crown Prince by his Grandfather, the late King Foli Bebe XIV.
    1994 - Prince Ayi was crowned King, the first African King to be crowned in America at a ceremony held in Washington D.C. The royal family came from Togo with diplomats from around the world also in attendance. The ceremony was officiated by the late Chaplain of the Senate, Dr Richard Halverson. He has published his second book in 1994.
    1995 - King Ayi was working for several humanitarian causes via his foundation, consulting for international institutions in USA.
    1996 - King Ayi returned back to Togo for the first time with a public ceremony at the palace.
    1997 - King Ayi was publicly recognized as the symbolic King of Togo by the former President of the Republic of Togo.
    2002 - During the second World Conference of the Counsel of Chiefs and Kings of Africa, King Ayi was crowned by his peers as head of the Organization of Kings and Queens of Africa, in the republic of Benin.
    Since 2005 due to his outstanding leadership abilities and love for his country, the former President of Togo, former U.S. President Gerald Ford, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, as well as the people of Togo and Togo media, have asked King Ayi to run for President of the Republic of Togo, West Africa. He is still traveling and advocating for the peace and the stability for his country.

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